Starting your Log Home Process

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Exploring the Katahdin Cedar Log Homes?
We feel you'll sense the Katahdin Difference. From the Katahdin Certified Builders, award winning training each builder and Certified Katahdin Dealer goes through, their attention to detail, quality and customer commitment, you'll be comparing everyone else to their standards. In fact, we challenge you to compare.
The link below will give you a sampling of our methods and some key points to consider when choosing the right company to build your Dream Log Home.
*In a hurry?* Download the Katahdin Challenge here: Katahdin Challenge (PDF link)
Why a Katahdin Cedar Log House?
How about a 25 year warranty on quality for starters? Katahdin does it right the first time and their commitment to quality standards are very high, they can offer you peace of mind.
The details in building your dream log home can be seen from any view. Once you understand that Katahdin is not "just" a brand name, but a label of quality craftsmanship, we'll look forward to hearing from you on designing and building your dream log home.